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Ore wa Dare Da?

Jan. 6th, 2009 | 06:52 pm

Second night of concerts is over. It was all so amazing. Caitlan wrote out a setlist and I might grab that from here. However, I that when it comes to Rebirth songs he played Uncontrol, Sayonara, and Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto. He also did U+K, which made me esstatic because he had mentioned retiring that song from concerts. Then there was Mirror, par normal. All the shouting during that made me lose my voice on the first night. The second was somehow a bit better on my throat. Not sure why though. The new songs were all amazin. I can't wait for this album to come out. Jesus was fantastic live. And I really liked what seems like it might be called No Reason.

Ghost. Live is was freaking amazing. I loved it so much. However, last nigth we discovered the PV was up and watched that. Sadly, I didn't like the CD version nearly as much because it was much more electronic. Having heard it live and now having some emotional attatchment to it though, I thinm I can grow to like it more.

One of the parts of the concerts that was the most fun was that during one of the new songs on the screen behind the staage came up what looked like a game that read 'KOAKUMANIA' and it was like parapara. It had hands that scrolled down the screen for us to mimic the motions of to dance along..The scond night was extra hilarious because JOB took turns trying it on stage. Like the dork I am I totally stopped dancin when YOU was up there so I could watch him. xD Poor man has no rhythm, ahahha. It was hilarious.

The first night durin the MC Gackt talked about New Years. I can't be certain because I fail, but it sounded like he spent it with YOU and they ended up watchin TV. Gackt said he hadn't watched TV in some time. He's like a sponge so he absorb all the stuff he watched though, hahaha.

The JOB introduction were something like....

Junji: Something about him watching over Gackt, I think? I honestly don't really remember. Gomen nasai, Junji-san!

Ju-Ken: The most popular bassist in Japan, the most.... something or other bassist in Japan, and the hardest to schedule bassist in Japan!

Chacha: He's like our Grandmother/Aunt (I couldn't tell if the a was elongated). *Cha looks a bit indignant* Okay, our older sister! The guy I've been looking up to for 9 years...

YOU: My best friend, my lover, my brother, my friend, my family... (and at this point my mind was broken and I can't remember the rest x_x;)

The second night's MC was about the Kenshin Kousai Festivals. I think he talked about how he went the first year and enjoyed it, then the second year tons more people came because of hima nd that they were begging him that 'We don't have anything but you!' He talked about having a 'Kenshin switch' and a 'Gackt switch' to move between the two personas. It seems like he met an old lady who was like 90 and when he impresonated her it sounded exactly like his Kenshin voice. He did a back and forth like the two talking and it was amusing.

JOB intros...

Junji: Back in the Sengoku Jidai he would have been a horse!

Ju-Ken: Back in the Sengoku Jidai he would have been a cow!

Chacha: He would have also been back in the Sengoku Jidai. He would have been the princess! (The he kinda of offhandly was like 'But Kenshin didn't have a princess, oh well dadada')

You: My best friend, my brother, my friend and family, he would have been... a farmer! (? o_O;) Then he mentioned something about getting Daikon from him xD

I was so giddy.

Aaah... there's so much more to talk about but it's morning and I have to finish getting dress and stuff so we can go out. So, more tonight I guess!


Jan. 5th, 2009 | 08:31 pm
mood: excited excited

Sorry I didn't post last night. We didn't get back into our room after the concert until about 12:30am and the internet was acting up.

I'll write more thoroughly about the concert stuff after tonight's live. IT'S AMAZING THOUGH. OH MY GOD. The new album sounds so good. Being able to be there was just.....aaaaaah!!! I can't believe it. I cried so many times.

And the band introductions. The way he introduced You was so sweet.

;__________; I want it to be tonight!!! And I don't want the concerts to ever end.

More later.


Jan. 4th, 2009 | 09:14 am
mood: mellow mellow

Today we got up around 7am and got ready before heading out to o to Harajuku. Harajuku is sort of the JRock and Japanese teenage fashion area. After exploring the area for a couple of hours we met up with Imee, Rei, Rika, Brittany, and Saori to go to karaoke. Before karaoke we went to a store called 'A Little Village'. It's a place Gackt shops. =3 Much with the nice clothes. I'm tempted to go back and get a shirt from there.

Rika split to go do more shopping and the rest of us spent the next two hours singing along to Gackt songs. xD

After the two hours were up we went to get crepes from a stand in Harajuku that Gackt had been to. The crepes were delish.

Then we did another round of karaoke, this time without Saori and Brittany as well. By the end Imee and I's voices were givin out. Haha. We met back up with Brittany, Saori, and Rika and went to dinner. After eating we took purikura (pictures from the little booths). It was about 8:30pm by this time, so we all split our seperate ways. We're back in the hostel now.

I have a bit of a headache from not having as much caffiene as normal and my nose being stuffed. Boo. Also, the air is making me cough a lot. Que sera sera. Japan > Comfort.

Here's a link to where I've started dumping my pictures. None of them are edited really and some might be confusin without explainations.

And sorry to those who ended up having unflattering pictures. _(._.)_


We've Made It

Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 08:59 am
mood: content content

Our flight was lovely. The upgrade to business class is an amazing difference in comfort and service level. I had a chair... that fully reclined.... with a foot rest! And dinner was bleu cheese encrusted beef tenderloin. Can we say wow?

We arrived in Tokyo early, around 4:20, made our way through passport security. No troubles at all. After a couple of train rides we arrived in Asakusa where the hostel is. It was a not so bad walk to Senso-ji, the second largest temple in Tokyo and a very famous one. We walked through Senso-ji to get to the hostel. Being right after New Years the line of people wanting to pay their respects at the shrine was huge. There were also a few girls in kimonol, which was fun to see!

After settling in to the hostel, which is pretty nice all things considered, we went out to walk around the area and have dinner. I have the feeling Caitlan miht already be in trouble if she gets too near anymore of the UFO catchers. xD

We're back at the hostel now and winding down for the night. It's about 11pm here. Tomorrow is our trip around Harajuku and meeting up with friends for karaoke in Shibuya! It should be a blast. =3 Can't wait.

<3 Ally

Day One

Jan. 1st, 2009 | 04:05 pm
location: Detroit, MI
mood: tired tired

So it begins.

We got to the airport this morning and had breakfast. However, our flight was then delayed. Checked to make sure we could still catch our connection flight to Narita in Detroit and were told that we could.

However, the plane sat on the runway for an hour whilst the pilot did paperwork for a plane change. We then missed our flight. We've been rebooked for tomorrow and they put us up for the night in a very nice Embassy Suites room. Also, food vouchers and a free upgrade to business class for our flight tomorrow.

Sucks we'll have one less day in Japan, but we left on the first incase something like this might happen. And all things considered, it's a pretty sweet deal.